Over the last decade more consumers have become of aware architectural style and designs- information that was typically only understood by the professional interior design and architect communities. Montana Forge understood the importance of bringing to the consumer designs that would resonate with the most popular decor today. Through exhaustive research and work with the design community, Montana Forge has become the ideal choice for everything from Colonial to Industrial Modern, Mid-Century Modern to Bohemian decor. 


Reliability and Dependability are absolutely key. Decorative Door Hardware not only has to be aesthetically appealing, but robust to keep your home safe and secure. Your door hardware is something that you touch everyday- the design and quality of your hardware determines if it will last reliably through the years to come. Montana Forge is second to none in design- using only the highest quality materials, and finishes. 

Through intelligent sourcing, and constant refinement, Montana Forge brings these fine, premium level locksets to market at a fraction of price of other brands in the space today.